Farias, Lda. started operating in 1951. It was founded by three siblings who lived in the Parish of Praia do Norte and who named the company after their surname, which is still in use today. Our company used to operate on the south of the island of Faial, servicing the route Horta/Praia do Norte/Horta

In 1969, the share of Francisco Faria was bought by Casa Bensaude Imp. Exp. Sarl. Several years later, this company sold its share to Varela & Ca. Lda., a company belonging to the Bensaude Group. 

At that time, there was another public transport company, Empresa Cedrense de Transportes, which serviced the north of the island, namely the route Cedros/Horta/Cedros. In 1973, Farias, Lda. bought this company, thus becoming the sole operator on the island of Faial.

In 1997, Varela & Ca., Lda. bought the share of Sérgio Faria, and the company  immediately restructured and renewed both its fleet and its public image.